Due to the merger, CTC and YCRC will be combining our preschools. Depending on class size and registrations there will be 1or 2 locations. To ensure your student will have preschool arrangements for this fall, complete the following paperwork and submit with payment to CTC at the address indicated on the registration.

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Merger Efforts Underway
Here is a quick overview of what's been happening with the potential merger of YCRC, CTC and YCATS, slated for July 1, 2014. A core group of volunteers has been working on this since last Spring.

Please note we are currently accepting applications for the Board of this new potential organization. The application deadline is January 10th. Board members will not officially take office until July, but selection now offers them a chance to become familiar with the current decisions, budget and programs. For an application packet, please contact the co-chairs of the Merger Planning Committee: Edie Williams, edie8688@yahoo.com or Shanna Kerr, kerrs1234@gmail.com. It’s an exciting opportunity, and we hope for a diverse group of leaders!

Reasons for merger:
· Program consistency and continuity for community members
· Pooling of resources, including volunteers and donations from both communities
· Improved fiscal and business-like management of the programs
· Reduction in duplication of services and competition for fundraising
· Creation of a succession plan for volunteers

Work completed to-date
· Formation of an overall Planning Committee (and subcommittees) with representatives from all three organizations
· Creation and approval of a Letter of Intent (merger purpose)
· Initial outline for a Plan of Merger, detailing decisions and actions for an orderly transition
· Creation of a mission statement and goals for the new merged organization
· Examination of new methods of governance (how will decisions be made?)
· Initial work on new Policy Handbooks for programs and organizational management
· Selection of a name: Yamhill-Carlton Together Cares
· Overview of the legal details of a merger, including meeting with a pro-bono attorney
· Recruitment process for new board members created and implemented

Work yet to be done:
· Creation of a budget showing what programs and services the merged organization can afford to offer
· Creation of a fundraising plan to help meet financial requirements
· Creation of new Bylaws
· Creation of potential new job descriptions and related staffing decisions
· Examination of contracts with Sponsored Projects
· Approval of new Policy Handbooks
· And most importantly, final approval of the Merger by all three groups, slated for May or June
· Completion of the final legal steps, including paperwork filing with the State of Oregon by all three organizations

Subcommittees working on the Plan of Merger include the following list.

Legal committee Chair: Carla Chambers, randr@viclink.com
· Review/create new Policy Handbooks, including Corporate, Employment and General Youth Programs
· Creation of the new organizational structure, including Job descriptions and board governance
· Finalize/re-write of all Legal paperwork: Bylaws, state filings, etc.

Financial committee Chair: Sue Stein, r.nstein@frontier.com
· Review of each organization’s financial records
· Make recommendations for future financial policies and procedures
· Creation of a 2014/15 budget
· Development of an Annual Fundraising Plan, including potential grant sources
· Examination and recommendation of future insurance policies

Education committee Chair: Amber Horne: info@carltontogethercares.com
· Review/alignment of preschool and after school programs, including policies and curriculum
· Inventory of all assets assigned to the programs

Athletics committee Chair: Rick Regalado, rjr_regalado@comcast.net
· Review and revision of policies and procedures for all athletic programs
· Inventory of all assets (equipment, tools, etc.)

Other Programs
· Examination of clubs, summer programs, community needs, etc. to determine affordability and ensure alignment with organization’s Mission
· Inventory of all assets

Communications Chair: Danielle Findley, ycfindleys@gmail.com
· Website, Social Media efforts
To get an update on a specific committee or to ask general questions please contact Co-Chairs Edie Williams or Shanna Kerr or any one of the one of the Subcommittee chairs listed above.


Since 1995 YCRC has been registered with our federal and local government as a
501 (c) 3 with the focus and dedication of our community we have become a self-sufficient educational outreach organization. With the wonderful volunteers and generous contributions, we will continue to thrive; bringing more programs, more stability, and more opportunities to our community. Don't miss our new and updated Little Cubs Preschool program and after school Kidspace program. These two entities are wonderful examples of YCRC's continued outreach to at risk youth in our community.